The Brief

A giant inflatable logo sits at the top of Ben Nevis. It rolls down the mountain to trigger a firework display. The whole thing is filmed by a helicopter and streamed live on the internet.
= 1m² The logo has a 54m² surface area 60m² of fabric Weight of logo 30kg Maximum logo speed when descending = 44m a second Maximum safe wind speed for the 30kg inflatable logo = 12mph
Can fly in
wind speeds
of 28mph
chance of
high wind
chance of
rain in July
Snow on the
north face most
of the year
3.1 - 7.1 °C
average temp
at the summit
17.5 mm
average rainfall
on a July day
In May and June there's up to a 55% chance of fog so July is the preferred month for the stunt
1344m The net to catch the logo needs to be twice its size, and be capable of supporting a 3 ton weight. 500m Recommended rambler/sheep exclusion zone
Robotic tracking camera system

Microwave link to ground station
Uploaded by four antennas using 4G